Mod Hobby




  1. 2500 anytime GM602 crate engine (2450 with qualified Neck Restraint)
  2. 2700 anytime 350 engine (2650 with qualified Neck Restraint)
  3. 2850 anytime 400 engine (2800 with qualified Neck Restraint)
  4. Steel blocks only, may be bored to casting limits
  5. Flat top pistons only. Cannot come above deck
  6. Crank and rods must be stock or stock replacement (stock stroke and stock rod length.)
  7. Scat/Eagle parts legal
  8. Balancing permitted but no lightening or knife-edging allowed
  9. Polishing stock rods allowed
  10. Wet sump oil system only
  11. 6” rods permitted



  1. A.     The center of the top ball joint must be even with the most forward spark plug hole (1” tolerance)



  1. Any OEM 23 degree head allowed (GM Bowtie allowed)
  2. No porting or polishing allowed
  3. Combustion chamber to be no less than 60cc
  4. Intake runner GM 195cc/Ford 205cc/Mopar 205cc maximum
  5. No machine cuts or grinding in combustion chamber or ports



  1. A.     Any hydraulic or flat tappet cam and lifters allowed
  2. B.      Lifter diameter must be OEM for make
  3. C.      Roller rockers allowed
  4. D.     Any valve spring permitted



  1. Intake 2.02 max.
  2. Exhaust 1.600 max.



  1. Aluminum permitted
  2. No porting/polishing or grinding anywhere permitted



  1. A.     One four barrel carburetor only
  2. No dominators or predator carbs allowed



  1. A.     Any type header allowed / must run parallel to ground



  1. A.     Any electronic or points ignition



  1. Tubular upper a-arms permitted / must be in stock location
  2. Lower control arm must be OEM for clip cars
  3. No adjustable or canister shocks OF ANY KIND permitted
  4. Racing shocks and wedge bolts allowed
  5. Coil over eliminators permitted
  6. Multi-leaf, composite single leaf, or 3 link rear suspension only
  7. No coil over’s allowed
  8. All springs must have a 5” O.D. minimum



  1. A.     Racing racks permitted (Appleton, Sweet, Etc.)



  1. 1.      Stock type or quick-change with steel or Aluminum tubes
  2. 2.      Wide 5 hubs allowed
  3. 3.      No independent rear suspension permitted
  4. 4.      No torque arms (lift bars, 5’th, and 6’th coils) allowed
  5. 5.      No coil over’s allowed/no birdcages/no brake floaters allowed
  6. 6.      Pull bars permitted



  1. 1.      All transmissions must be fully functional with both forward and reverse gears
  2. 2.      Must be OEM type [standard or automatic]
  3. 3.      Must use blow proof bell housing on standard shift
  4. 4.      Driveshaft must be painted White
  5. 5.      Bert, Brinn, Falcon, or any other Transmission with internal clutches permitted. Must add 100 pounds
  6. 6.      Multy disc clutches will be permitted with the addition of 100 lbs.



  1. Stock steel flywheel only no lightening of any kind
  2. No direct drives allowed
  3. Automatics must have OEM torque converter
  4. Bert, Brinn, Falcon, or any other Transmission with internal clutches permitted. Must add 100 pounds for Bert, Brinn, Falcon, or any other Transmission.
  5. E.      Multy disc clutches will be permitted with the addition of 100 lbs.




  1. All drive shafts must be a minimum of two inches (2”) in diameter.
  2. All drive shafts must be painted white.
  3. Only one drive shaft is permitted.
  4. All drive shafts must be protected with a secure drive shaft hoop or sling.



  • Both Rectangle and Square Tubed Frames are legal
  • Cars must have a stock clip from mid-plate forward


Square Tube Frames

  1. The frame of all cars must be constructed of two inch (2”) by two-inch (2”) minimum rectangular or square tubing with a minimum of eight inch (8”) circumference and a minimum of eighty-three thousands inch (.083”) wall thickness.


Round Tube Frames

  1. The frame of all cars must be constructed of a minimum of one and three quarter inch (1¾”) round tubing and must have a wall thickness of eighty-three thousands inch (.083”) wall thickness minimum.
  2. No aluminum or titanium frames permitted in construction of car
  3. If rear bumper is stubbed, it may only extend a maximum of eight inches (8”) beyond frame. Any stubbed rear bumpers that extend eight inches (8”) or more beyond frame must be rounded and directed towards the front of the car.
  4. It is recommended that all cars be equipped with a tow hook or strap.
  5. All battery supports must be braced in two axis – two horizontal and one vertical.
  6. Minimum wheelbase span of 103” inch
  7. Number 1 spark plug must be in line with upper ball joint (1” tolerance)



  1. Steel, aluminum or fiberglass bodies allowed
  2. Nose panel and roof must match
  3. Rear can be enclosed [optional]
  4. Deck width of car may be no wider than 72 inches
  5. Tubular bumpers allowed.
  6. Eight (8) inch spoiler with matching side braces allowed



  1. Rear spoiler must be manufactured of material of adequate strength such as Sheet metal, Lexan, or Aluminum.
  2. Maximum seventy-two inch (72”) width.
  3. Rear spoiler is not permitted to be suspended above the deck to create a “wing effect.”
  4. Rear spoiler must begin where quarter panels end. No extended decks permitted.
  5. Maximum of three (3) rear spoiler supports. Option of two (2) additional one inch (1”) aluminum braces.
  6. Spoiler supports cannot be mounted wider than the top of the quarter panel.
  7. Total amount of rear spoiler material used must not exceed eight-inches (8”) in height (measured from deck to tip of material).



  1. Must have racing seat
  2. Must be mounted with grade 5 or better hardware
  3. Must have 4 or 5 point safety belts



A.  A full metal fire wall must encompass the front, rear, sides, and floor of the driver



  1. A.     Fuel cell w/steel can and 2″ steel straps mounted in rear of car only
  2. B.      Gas or E85 only! No alcohol, nitrous oxide, nitro methane, or any other nitrate additives



  1. A.     All cars must have an operational (4) wheel braking system
  2. B.      3 wheel / right front break shut offs are ok
  3. C.      Any type steel brakes allowed



  1. A.     Front tires open.
  2. B.      All rear tires must punch / stick 52 AFTER THE RACE with the tracks durometer
  3. C.      Wheels may be steel or aluminum 14 max. wide
  4. D.     Bead locks permitted
  5. E.      No chemical treating allowed


NGS “General Rules” apply to all classes


Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition.

Racing Times

Open at 5pm

Open at 4pm

Hot Laps:
Start at 7:00


(Standard Admissions)
Adults and Children 12 & Older - $12.00
Children 6-11 - $6.00
Children 5 and under FREE

Pit Admission $25.00
Children 5 and under FREE