1. A.      No rotary or turbo engines
  2. B.       Must be steel block.
  3. C.       Engine must be in stock location.
  4. D.      Inline 4 cyl. engines only.
  5. E.       All engines must have flat top pistons
  6. F.       Maximum Bore & Stroke (This is std. bore + 0.060)
    GM 2.5 Bore – 4.060 Stroke – 3.000
    Ford 2000cc Bore – 3.635 Stroke – 3.029
    Ford 2300cc Bore – 3.841 Stroke – 3.126
    Toyota 20R Bore – 3.544 Stroke – 3.504
    Toyota 22R Bore – 3.682 Stroke – 3.504
    (NOTE: Any engine not listed, consult Tech Inspector.)
  7. G.      No adjustable cam pulleys permitted (May use a multi keyway cam pulley.)
  8. H.      Aftermarket water pump and crank pulley allowed.



  1. A.      One pound per engine CC displacement. (Example 2300 C.C. must weigh 2300lbs.)
  2. B.      Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.



  1. A.      No Aluminum 2000 or 2300 Ford heads.
  2. B.      Porting and polishing allowed.



  1. A.     Any hydraulic lift cam allowed for the GM 2.5 and Ford 2300cc.
  2. B.      No hydraulic rollers in any engine or solid lift cams in the 2300 Ford allowed.
  3. C.      Ford 2000cc & Toyota 20R & 22R solid lift cams allowed.
  4. D.     Ford 2000cc & Toyota 20R & 22R may use any lift cam.
  5. E.      Roller cams permitted (add 100#)



  1. A.      Maximum valve size: 1.740 Intake – 1.500 Exh.
  2. B.      Multi – angle valve job allowed.
  3. C.      Single valve springs only.



  1. A.      Any intake manifold allowed.
  2. B.      Porting and polishing allowed.



  1. A.      May use one carburetor spacer or adapter 1 inch total thickness + .040 tolerance / No part of spacer or adapter may enter intake plenum and two standard gaskets (maximum 0.080 inch thick), one gasket between intake to spacer or adapter to carburetor.
  2. B.      Carburetor any Motorcraft or 350 Holley Max.
  3. C.      No 500 cfm holleys.



  1. A.      Headers permitted.



  1. A.      Stock distributor or MSD only



  1. A.     No independent rear suspensions.
  2. B.      Screw jack permitted.
  3. C.      No coil overs permitted.
  4. D.     Differential may be locked.



A. Stock OEM type transmission only and must have working forward and reverse gears.
B. Stock type clutch and pressure plate.
C. Racing clutches or ram couplers add 70 lbs.



  1. A.      Stock steel flywheel only, flywheel must wheel a minimum of 16 lbs.
  2. B.      Racing clutches or ram couplers add 70 lbs.



  2. B.      No tube cars / chassis






  1. Must have racing seat
  2. Seat must be mounted with grade 5 or better hardware
  3. All car must have 3 inch seat belts with shoulder harness and must be attached to roll cage.



  1. A.     This class is for cars that have a unibody with a full stock floor pan and steel body.
  2. B.      Any car that has an aluminum body or body parts will take a 50 lb. weight penalty.
  3. C.      Maximum wheelbase is 101 inches (+ – 1-inch)
  4. D.     Minimum wheelbase is 92 inches (+ – 1-inch).
  5. E.      Wheelbase must match body.
  6. F.       No rear engines cars.
  7. G.     Interior body panels and dash may be removed.
  8. H.     All plastic, glass, emblems, etc. must be removed.
  9. I.        All exterior body panels and hood must be stock appearing.
  10. J.        Front and rear bumper covers allowed (covers must be made of rubber or flexible plastic material)
  11. K.      Stock type bumpers or tube bumpers permitted.
  12. L.       No skid plates, bars, and pipes anywhere on racecar
  13. M.   Push bars front and rear permitted.
  14. N.     Front push bar must stay behind front bumper.
  15. O.     Rear push bar may be attached to rear bumper.



  1. Rear spoiler must be manufactured of material of adequate strength such as Sheet metal, Lexan, or Aluminum.
  2. Maximum seventy-two inch (72”) width.
  3. Rear spoiler is not permitted to be suspended above the deck to create a “wing effect.”
  4. Rear spoiler must begin where quarter panels end. No extended decks permitted.
  5. Maximum of three (3) rear spoiler supports. Option of two (2) additional one inch (1”) aluminum braces.
  6. Spoiler height cannot exceed a maximum of 6″ in height
  7. Spoiler side braces cannot exceed 10″ in length and cannot be taller than spoiler
  8. Spoiler supports cannot be mounted wider than the top of the quarter panel.
  9. Total amount of rear spoiler material used must not exceed six-inches (6”) in height (measured from deck to tip of material).



  1. Gas or E85 only! No alcohol, nitrous oxide, nitro methane, or any other nitrate additives
  2. Fuel cell with steel can and 2” steel straps mounted in rear of car only
  3. Racing fuel allowed.
  4. Fuel cell may be relocated to trunk area.
  5. Must have adequate firewall between the driver and fuel cell.



  1. Must be equipped with sufficient 4 wheel braking system
  2. OEM style brakes only
  3. No titanium or carbon fiber brake rotors allowed



  1. Factory firewall and floor pan must remain



  1. Street tires no longer required
  2. Hoosier and American Racers now allowed.
  3. Street tires only, D.O.T. street tread tires only, Maximum nine (9) inch tread width.
  4. No kind of racing tires with D.O. T. stamp, must be (D.O.T. street tread tires only).
  5. Bead locks permitted.
  6. No recaps.
  7. 8 inch wheel
  8. Front tires open
  9. All rear tires must punch / stick 52 AFTER THE RACE with the track’s durometer
  10. No chemical treating allowed



  1. A.     One pound per engine CC displacement. (Example 2300 C.C. must weigh 2300lbs.)
  2. B.      Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.


$200.00 to pull head, check head, intake, carburetor and bore & stroke.
$150.00 to pull transmission and check clutch and weigh flywheel.

Racing Times

Open at 5pm

Open at 4pm

Hot Laps:
Start at 7:00


(Standard Admissions)
Adults and Children 12 & Older - $12.00
Children 6-11 - $6.00
Children 5 and under FREE

Pit Admission $25.00
Children 5 and under FREE